Professional industrial cleaning can make a significant impact on safety and performance, as well as protecting your investment.

Dominion Power Washing Inc is experienced in handling tough industrial projects. These typically include manufacturing facilities, warehouses and heavy duty equipment. Industrial pressure washing can be far more challenging than other types of cleaning projects and requires experienced and well trained technicians.

Cleaning heavily soiled sites and machinery requires the use of special cleaning methods and equipment, including hot water burners and intense high pressure washers. We evaluate each project to ensure the highest quality outcome. We our committed to providing a hassle free experience, with minimal disruption to your workflow and productivity. We work on your schedule – not ours.

With the busy schedules and hectic work that goes around places or industrial locations where silos are installed and used on a day-to-day basis, it is of utmost importance to carefully plan for their maintenance in order to prevent any wastage of resources and minimize the downtime. Those who have ignored the regular cleaning of silos, have found out the hard way that it saves more time, money and other resources if these silos are cleaned on a regular basis. This is where Dominion Power Washing Company, has set ourselves apart from the competition by providing stellar silo pressure cleaning and silo pressure washing services to all types of silos.

Due to the nature of silos and whatever kind of work that they are designed to do, every so often, contaminants build up into the silo and clog certain parts making them not only less efficient in their operations, but also dangerous if the contaminants are not removed or cleaned frequently. It requires professionals with the experience, training and expertise, to clean the silos and restore their safety and functionality for the benefit of all. Dominion Power Washing Company prides itself with experienced, well-trained and a certified team of professionals that can handle all scales of silo pressure cleaning or silo pressure washing needs.

In order to ensure health and safety of farm animals the barns need to be maintained and cleaned out. With our large machines, hot water units and environmentally friendly chemicals we can clean out any barn. In the event of a farm shut down we can respond quickly to clean out and sanitize the barns to help get them up and running as quickly as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us to help you with your farm cleanup.

Tractors and machinery tend to quickly get greasy and dirty. Impress your customers with clean machinery! With our hot water units and environmentally friendly chemicals we can make your fleet of machinery look brand spanking new.

With our fleet of large pressure washers and surface cleaners we can tackle cleaning and clearing out large or small greenhouses.

Our Guarantee

Dominion Power Washing Inc. is committed to providing the highest level of quality work and professional service. Our benchmark is to exceed your expectations. We back this commitment with our Guarantee of 100% Satisfaction. We are a long standing member of the Better Business Bureau and hold the proud distinction of an A+ rating. Our customers receive a free, no obligation, on site consultation and quote. As well, we are fully insured to protect you against property damage and public liability.

Our job is not done until you are completely satisfied, that’s our guarantee.

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